///M-Power STG1-SMSTune, That’s a wrap! But literally, this wrapp’d M3 threw down some great power today on our Dyno 🔥STOCK: 405 WTQ / 387 WHPSTG1-SMS: 445 WTQ / 418 WHPGAINS: +40 WTQ / +31 WHP

SMSTuned | Benz AMG E63 S   THIS 👏🏽 AMG 👏🏽 SLAPS 👏🏽 HARD 👏🏽I mean what more can you ask for from the Benz’ nasty BiTurbo V8? This STG1-SMSTune was installed on a bone stock engine, and it STILL picked

//M-onday | E36/7 Z3 M RoadsterAlfred Hitchcock may have wanted you to Dial M for Murder but we dial M for another reason, the Z3 M 🔥We had the absolute pleasure to watch this clean specimen in all its glory on