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Solo Motorsports / Audi 2nd GEN – 3.0TDI Performance Tune
Audi 2nd GEN – 3.0TDI Performance Tune


Solo Motorsports tune for the 2nd GEN – 3.0TDI

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Tune for the 2nd GEN – 3.0TDI. Designed for the full-size luxury market in mind. Audi Debuted it’s A8 in 1994 based on the D2 platform. Audi unveiled it’s 2nd Generation of the A8 in 2002 now built on the D3 platform. In 2005 new engines options became available. One of the available options was the 3.2- FSI which was shared with the Audi B7 A4 & the Audi C6 A6. D3 generation of A8 introduced the 325 hp 4.2-l Turbocharged Direct Injection (TDI) V8 engine.This new engine uses two turbochargers & dual intercoolers, with each turbo unit functioning exclusively for one bank of four cylinders
Due to years of extensive knowledge working with Audis, our team of skillfull Audi engineers can transform your standard Audi 2nd GEN – 3.0TDI into a street powerhouse! This ECU tune for the Audi 2nd GEN – 3.0TDI will give your Audi 2nd GEN – 3.0TDI an overall higher performance makeover. Let our team of experts fine tune your Audi 2nd GEN – 3.0TDI ECU correctly, this will result in higher horse power, better throttle response all while still managing to maintain legal drivability.
This tune produces a gain of approximately +12% wheel horsepower over factory and +15% wheel torque.

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2nd GEN – 3.0TDI