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Solo Motorsports / Audi 2nd GEN – 5.2L FSI Performance Tune
Audi 2nd GEN – 5.2L FSI Performance Tune


Solo Motorsports tune for the 2nd GEN – 5.2L FSI

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This tune is for the 2nd GEN – 5.2L FSI. Audi also released powerful sports inspired D3. The unique W12 A8. The upgrade of the W12 layout is its compact housing which allowed Audi to build a 12-cylinder sedan it’s innovative All-wheel drive ” Quatro” system, usually a conventional V12 could only have a rear-wheel drive configuration as it would have little room in the bay of the engine for a differential & other components required to power two front wheels. Amazingly Audi’s 6.0-L W12 is smaller by overall dimensions than the 4.2-L V8.
Due to years of extensive knowledge working with Audis, our team of skillful Audi engineers can transform your standard Audi 2nd GEN – 5.2L FSI into a street powerhouse! This ECU tune for the Audi 2nd GEN – 5.2L FSi will give your Audi 2nd GEN – 5.2L FSI an overall higher performance makeover. Let our team of experts fine-tune your Audi 2nd GEN – 5.2L FSI ECU correctly, this will result in higher horsepower, better throttle response all while still managing to maintain legal drivability.
This tune produces a gain of approximately +12% wheel horsepower over factory and +15% wheel torque.

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2nd GEN – 5.2L FSI