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Solo Motorsports / 987 Cayman Tuning 2.9L (2009-2011)

987 Cayman Tuning 2.9L (2009-2011)

987-Cayman- Tuning


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Our tunes include the SMS Port for remote tuning, file switching, and updates.

Stage 1- +10whp /+10wtq on your Cayman.  By adjusting the air fuel ratio and ignition timing parameters we are able to increas the power output on a stock car.

Stage 2- +15whp/ +15wtq on your Cayman.  Requires upgraded cat-back exhaust and intake with open side vents. In conjuction with tuning these mods can get you huge gains over stock.


The SMS-Port is the most effective tool for flashing your factory ECU thru the OBDII port. It will enable you to flash your car’s ECU with performance software in just minutes. The SMS-Port can be connected to your PC with the included cables. It allows you to read and flash the factory ECU. The flash loader holds up to 10 tuned files, and 1 stock file. Your Ecu must be in stock form to pair with the SMS-Port. 

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Weight 3.00 lbs
Dimensions 8.00000000 × 11.00000000 × 5.00000000 in