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Solo Motorsports / BMW F2X – M135i Performance Tune
BMW F2X – M135i Performance Tune


Solo Motorsports tune for the F2X – 125i/M135i

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This tune is for the F2X BMW

Our in-house team of engineers is eager to ECU tune your F2X BMW. This ECU tune can make your already impressive BMW  into a street monster. Increases in horsepower, torque and throttle response will leave you with a smile on your face. You will be wanting more every time you get behind the wheel!

Our expert team of technicians has vast knowledge working on the F2X. We have re-calibrated many of the factory ECU settings giving your F2x higher performance while still remaining daily drive-able & street legal.

SMS offers stage one, stage two and stage three tunes available for this vehicle.  Please contact your local SMS location for more details and dyno tuning options!!

Why go with a Solo tune over the “other” guys?

  • Our team of engineers has worked tirelessly to make sure you get the best tune for your car. Your happiness and excitement is our number one concern!
  • Our tuning is used worldwide. Our tunes have powered everything from mild to wild!
  • All ECU tunes can be reverted back to stock if you so choose.
  • With a Solo ECU tune, basic bolt-on performance parts will not require a retune of your ECU.
  • Adding parts such as a cat-back exhaust, intake, charge-pipe will all adjust with the tune.
  • Other custom calibrations are available if requested and applicable.
  • We test and dyno tune in house to make sure that what you get is safe, reliable, and gives you the results you want!
  • We offer custom in house tuning to fit all your per needs!
  • We treat every car the same; whether your a first time customer or a returning Solo Veteran
  • We tune and treat every car like its our own, we are true enthusiast using our combined knowledge to make your vehicle FASTER!

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F2X – 125i/M135i