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Solo Motorsports / MB E63 M177 PURE Turbos 900 Upgrade
MB E63 M177 PURE Turbos 900 Upgrade



Solo Motorsports is proud to offer Pure Turbo upgrades to our customers

MB E63 M177 PURE 900 Upgrade

The E63S PURE 900  upgrade for M177 is the only upgrade for these engines proven to produce substantial power gains while maintaining factory like drivablility!

MB E63S M177 PURE Turbos Upgrade –

An example of what these turbo can make is: -761 WHP & 748 WTQ -Pump Gas -Downpipes

***Refundable Core Deposit required.  We will contact you for paypal or CC info for core deposit after placing your order. Core deposit is $8,700 for M177/M178 Turbos***