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Solo Motorsports / Mercedes CPC and TCU Module tuning
Mercedes CPC and TCU Module tuning


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2018+ Mercedes CPC and TCU Module tuning

Unlock the true potential of your newer Mercedes and AMG vehicles! We can provide you with a new CPC that is unlocked as well as flash your TCU to remove factory limitations.

The Mercedes factory tuning limits torque and power by gear with the factory CPC installed. With our CPC the car will unleash its true potential on everything from a stage 1 flash all the way up to big turbos and full E85!

The CPC/TCU tune not only removes torque limitations but it also lets the car shift quicker, change launch control RPM and give full power in every gear. These two products together unlock all of the factory power limitations!

A vehicle with a tuned CPC will show drastically lower 60-130 times but also give you smoother more usable power through every gear change.

This is a MUST for anyone considering tuning their newer Mercedes/AMG vehicle!

Remote tuning can be completed with a laptop sent to you for flashing!**

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