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Solo Motorsports / Audi MK3 Performance Tune
Audi MK3 Performance Tune


Solo Motorsports tune for the MK3

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By the later part of 2012 the 3rd Generation Audi A3 (mk3) platform was made available in a 5-door “Sportback”, a 3-door hatchback,a spacious 4 door sedan along with a stunning 2 door Cabiolet models.
Due to years of extensive knowledge working with Audis, our team of skillfull Audi engineers can transform your standard Audi Mk3 into a street powerhouse! This ECU tune for the Audi Mk3 will give your car an overall high performance makeover. Let our team of experts fine tune & calibrate your Audi Mk3 ECU correctly, this will result in higher horse power, better throttle response & still maintain legal drivability.
This tune produces a gain of approximately +12% wheel horsepower over factory and +15% wheel torque.

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