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We welcome Italians at Solo Motorsports

Ferrari has a rather interesting history. It was found in 1937, made their first car in 1940 but did not get recognition as a car maker until 1947. The Italian carmaker which was set up within the Alfa Romeo’s race division now produces some of the most beautiful sports cars of the world. The owners of the Ferraris who visit out service stations located in John’s Creek, Norcross and Downtown (GA) tell us that they feel proud and powerful when they drive their cars. And why not!

A Ferrari dominates the pavement when it smoothly glides over it. It gets all the attention, all the eyeballs, glued onto it until it vanishes in the wind. Put in some custom work, and your Ferrari will have an identity that is unique and suits it. At Solo Motorsports, we believe in making cars better and safer for our clients. We provide all-round service of Ferrari right from tuning it up to make it faster to servicing the parts when the time comes.

VF Supercharger

Ferrari Service and Repair

We have the experience and the skill that is required to make a sports car roll with style. We provide an alternative to the regular dealership service that provides similar services by experienced engineers and technicians.

Our expert team can help you with understanding your vehicle and giving it the things that it needs to own the track. Customized or stock, we have the right tools, machines, and skilled engineers to make your car feel happy.

We also offer world class Ferrari firmware customization and ECU tuning services

Why Should You Visit Us?

Not every shop is qualified to work on a Ferrari. They are special machines and should be treated as such.

  • We have the tools to diagnose the exact problem in your car. We don’t ‘guess,’ we give you facts.
  • We prioritize safety over anything else. We have the ideas to make your ride peppier while ensuring the protection of the driver.
  • We understand the urgency and provide rush jobs when required