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Atlanta’s #1 European Auto Repair Shop

One of the busiest cities in the country, Atlanta is a melting pot of styles that continues to grow. With millions traveling through the city every year, residents in the area often rely on European cars. The added reliability and interior comforts of European cars go a long way towards making sure that drivers stay as comfortable as possible no matter how bad the commute is. When you have a European car though, it’s important that you follow proper maintenance and service programs. This ensures that you can always enjoy the performance you expect but it also means you need to know you can trust your mechanics. At Solo Motorsports we take all the guesswork out of maintaining your car. For over 15 years we’ve helped European auto owners all throughout the Atlanta area.

Servicing the Best Brands

At Solo Motorsports, our mechanics have decades of experience working with the area’s most popular European brands:

With our state of the art shop equipped with the latest factory-grade tools and equipment, our ASE certified mechanics are able to provide the highest quality service for your car.



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Depending on what you drive, each make and model often has a unique maintenance program. Following these programs is essential to making sure you continue to get the best from your car after every service appointment. Our mechanics believe in quality over quantity, so we always take the time to make sure your car gets the service it needs. Our services for your car include:

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If you’re in the Atlanta area, don’t settle for overpriced or subpar service any longer. At Solo Motorsports we work with you to ensure that your car gets the work it needs. This way you know exactly what your car needs and there’s never any hidden fees or surprise surcharges. If your car is due for service or you’re experiencing unusual issues, please call or visit our shop today.