Mini's are some of the most recognizable cars on the road today, with strong influences from the classic British compact icon of the 60s.

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Comprehensive MINI Repair, Service, and Maintenance Across Georgia

MINIs are easily one of the most recognizable cars on the road today. Taking a cue from the classic British compact icon from the 1960’s, one of the biggest selling points for any MINI model is that it’s flat out fun to drive. Responsive handling and the ability to take tight turns and winding roads with ease make it easy to see why they’ve become so popular with drivers looking for quality and performance.Yet, subpar service and neglecting maintenance and scheduled repairs will lead to your MINI suffering drastic drops in performance quality. The experts at Solo Motorsports make it easier to maintain your MINI no matter where you’re coming from with locations in:

Convenient, Comprehensive MINI Service

For years the experts at Solo Motorsports have provided the area with exceptional MINI services so that you can enjoy your car at its’ best. Our specialists understand the unique details of each MINI and we work to preserve both the superior performance and your comfort. Taking routine maintenance and making it anything but ordinary, our comprehensive service plans make sure that every piece of your MINI is taken care of.

We also offer world class MINI Cooper firmware customization and ECU tuning services

Our thorough appointments include:

  • Diagnostic inspection using factory grade tools to accurately find even the slightest issue. This means your car gets the right problem addressed and repaired faster than the competition.
  • All points maintenance such as oil & fluid changes and filter replacements will bring any struggling MINI engine back to full strengths as the fresh fluids allow a cleaner engine to perform at a higher level.
  • Tire inspections/rotations and replacements are a great way to ensure that your MINI has a solid base. Flat or damaged tires can reduce your fuel efficiency and put you at an accelerated risk for accidents on the road.

At Solo Motorsports we focus on quality work done right because we know that quality is going to have a huge impact on your car.

Where to Find Us

Solo Motorsports is proud to service surrounding Georgia areas with Four locations:

Our state of the art facilities and teams of certified mechanics will always ensure that your MINI is taken care of no matter the service it needs. Please call us today to speak with one of our shop’s specialists and to schedule an appointment for your car.

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