Solo Motorsports is your dealership alternative for servicing German vehicles such as BMW, Mini, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Audi and VW.
We have two convenient locations in Metro-Atlanta:
Solo Motorsports #1
6000 Jimmy Carter Blvd.
Norcross, GA 30071
(404) 910-5211
Solo Motorsports #2
5779 State Bridge Rd.
Johns Creek, GA 30022
(470) 282-5990
Email: shop@solomotorsports.net

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Solo Motorsports / Tuning

we are your hackers for hire

Dyno & Custom Tuning Services in Atlanta, GA

It’s your car, which means that you should be able to tune it the way you want. We are engineers at heart and producing an optimal solution that performs, looks and sounds better than your expectations is our goal. Whether you’re concerned with your acoustics or horsepower, we’ve got your vision in mind and your best interest at heart. We have the technology to optimize fuel injection, adjust spark timing, alter fuel ratios, and much more. Get the most out of your engine by tuning it up with Solo Motorsports.

Whether you want to see how much power your car is putting down, or utilize our top-notch in house custom tuning, Solo Motorsports has you covered!

We offer the best tuning services in Atlanta/the Southeast. We will dial in your tune until it is perfect!

If you don’t see your make/model/motor listed on the site- no worries!
Just shoot us an email. We will most likely be able to tune it.

Our current applications, specific to vehicle make:

Audi Tuning
BMW Tuning
Mercedes Tuning
Mini Tuning
Porsche Tuning
VW Tuning
Custom Tuning services:
  • Our in house tuner can provide an epic tune for most cars/motors (contact us for details)
  • Our custom tunes will make more power/torque than any off the shelf tune, as we can dial in your fueling/air/boost more accurately than any OTS tune or piggyback unit
  • Custom dyno tunes are available for many fuel types, including 93, 100, 110, race gas and E85
  • We also provide remote tuning (check our store for products or contact us)
  • Get the most out of your setup, we will ensure you make the most power reliably and safely
  • Custom Nitrous and Water/Methanol tuning is avaible as well. Make sure you reap the full benefits when adding a nitrous or W/M kit
  • With our state of the art dyno and expert tuners we will engineer the perfect tune for your Audi, BMW, Mercedes, VW, Mini or Porsche!
Our in-house industry leading Mustang Dynamometer can be used for all 2WD/4WD cars
  • Baseline your car’s stock HP/TQ
  • Measure & document increases in HP/TQ after performance upgrades
  • Simulated road testing
  • Boost/AFR vs. RPM readings
BMW Tuning

Audi Tuning

Mercedes-Benz Tuning

Porsche Tuning

VW Tuning