Hellfire & Brimstone: Mercedes-Benz E63s from Hell

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Hellfire & Brimstone: Mercedes-Benz E63s from Hell

Mercedes-Benz AMG E63s

Der Bestrafer. Autobahn Demon. Beelezebub of luxury limos. The E63s goes by many names and just like Lucifer, has devilishly handsome power to match it’s brutishly charming demeanor. This sledgehammer of an AMG model made an appearance at our Norcross location for some serious alterations to amplify the hellfire reputation of the 4.0 V8 Biturbo engine that rests under its massive bonnet. Downpipes. Bespoke Electric cut-outs. Custom SMS tune and some beefy Michelin tires to handle all this newfound power.

709 Dynojet Hp. 616whp / 755whp

Oh my.

These unimaginable gains total out to an extra 189wtq alongside 124whp making this E63s a serious contender to anyone whom is brave enough to challange it authority on the road.

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