Fabrication / Armytrix EXHAUST The collective cult folklore that is known as the ZUPRA aka A80 aka the MK5 Supra has yet made its appearance in our Norcross location for some custom SMS-FABrication with an AMAZING sounding Titanium Exhaust from

BMW E60 M5 NEW LEASE ON LIfe: REVIVAL of a legend We’re always happy to see the mythical, the imaginary, the ultra rare E60 M5 that no one believes exists show up at our shop, especially to get the very

PURE HEAVEN We just made the ever-so-insane E63s even more bonkers after shoving a pair of Pure Turbo Pure1000 under its bonnet.All this new found power is supported by new in-house custom made SMS-FAB Downpipes, a set of new BMC

the weather wont KEEP US away this time! The weather might of sucked for our original Dyno Day but our new Dyno Day is absolutely perfect boost weather!11.23.19Register today with German Automotive Syndicate to seal the deal and claim the

HELLBENZT HELL HATH NO FURY, LIKE AN e63s with DRIFT MODE ENGAGED. Solo Motorsports is no stranger to this particular 4.0 biturbo beast, we fondly named “Beezleub” on the count of any time a Tech smashes that start button, the

JUST IN! In the Cut: SMS-FAB Downpipe for BMW 540/740/X5/X6 N55 application 💯 Bolt-on install💯 Hand crafted💯 Faster spool rate💯 Aggressive exhaust tone💯 TIG welded & back purged💯 Highest quality 1.6mm wall 304 stainless steel💯 CNC Machined 304SS bottom flanges💯 All brackets & mounts fit OEM units💯 Manages temperatures better

cleaner & quicker SHIFTS: ECE STYLE Shouts to @EastCoastEuro LLC for hooking up #TeamSMS’ Shop Audi​ RS3 with a set of rad billet/poly RS3 Dogbone Mounts 🦴🔥💯These mounts are just insanely DOPE & scream HIGH QUALITY -CNC 6061 aluminum billet arms,