Looks like somebody got a shiny new set of @ctsturbo downpipes alongside going full STG2-SMSTuned BEFORE: 402 WTQ | 360 WHPSTG2+ w/ DP’s: 528 WTQ | 442 WHPWe Sell Speed!Ditch the canned tune! Speak to a Solo-Certified Advisor to learn

Let’s be real, if you know Bois you know he always has to go big . Not much needs to be said about this build except for the commandments to execute such a masterpiece:@sillyrabbitmotorsport :– Air 2 Air Intercooler– Low

 rformance or whatever setup you need we can accommodate. Stock suspension, aftermarket springs, coilovers, air suspension or whatever, we can work with it. Afraid your car is wayyyy too low to get aligned with us? Nope! We take the utter