928 SUPERSONIc // There is no reason why everyone should own a Porsche one time in their lives. June heard it. A howl from beyond. His need for a Porsche in his life is this immaculate V8 speed machine, a thunderbolt

B 5 s 4 | Highlight Chris’ STG3-B5S4Oh Audi, why do you tempt us? The B5S4 is, ofcourse, the spicy hot version of the first gen A4. To get any hotter, one must stray into the RS territory or build

FACTS: The source of the RS5’s power is up in the nose: a 2.9-liter twin-turbocharged V6 engine. Those turbos sit between the valley of the heads making this a “hot V” setup. The mighty little mill is good for a

PES TUNING R8 This R8 came to us with an old tune that didn’t work quite well with their PES Tuning G4 MP112 Supercharger.PES Tuning has this V8 R8 screaming!The supercharger kit that’s strapped to this R8 uses an Eaton

ONE GOAL: TO BE FAST Our amazing client Marco just had one request: to be FAST! MODSEast Coast Euro, billet / poly dog bone mountEventuri 4” intake CTS Turbo 4” turbo inlet / Intercooler piping Iroz Motorsport Downpipes + MidPipesKW suspensions

BMW M4 // SMSTuned The M4, and its four-door sibling the M3, has a lot to live up to. The previous M3s, regardless of door count, are among the most engaging and most beloved performance cars ever built. BMW had

SIRENS SONG If you’re anything like the countless youths and youths-at-heart devoted to make their cars accelerate faster, breathe better, sound better, stop quicker, and corner harder, you may have come across some mods that don’t quite live up to

STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD A E S T H E T I C | Carbon Fiber InstallmentThis STG2-SMSTuned Supercharged R8 got even sexier after installing a bespoke hand laid carbon fiber duck tail rear spoiler! 😍Solo Motorsports SMS-FAB division

EUROPE ALWAYS GETS THE BEST OPTIONS UNTIL NOW. Alas, we always get the short stick when it comes to options here in America while Audi showers their better, more fancy LED lights to European models. Don’t set fire to your mullets

TURBO SAPPHIRE FIRE The five-letter “turbo” insignia on the back of a Porsche 911 used to do more than distinguish how the engine delivered its power—it used to separate an entirely different class of car and driver. The cars were

BACK IN STOCK & By DEMAND: EVENTURI Eventuri Carbon Fiber Intake System w/ Metal Turbo Tube 🔥🔥Performance Gain (RS3 with Stock Turbo): 15-18hp, 19-23ft-lbPerformance Gain (RS3 with Hybrid Turbo): 25-30hp, 20-24ft-lbFlow Bench Data: Stock Intake 530 CFM : Eventuri Intake