WannaGoFast – 2015  Ocala, FL 

S54 Custom tuning map switching coming soon….

We just finished installing the Weistec  supercharger stage 2 on this bad boy. Time to get it custom tuned. Numbers are coming soon…

 Atlanta one and only Green E92 M3 with AA Supercharger kit. The car put down 472whp on our heart breaking mustang dyno 🙂 Is time for Solo to custom tune it and unleash the beast.  For any custom dyno tuning

Another day at the shop. E92 M3 with AA blower is about to hit the dyno..

2104 Audi S4 is in for us to install SMS supercharger pulley and custom tune. Results  and video is coming soon.

Check out the results from our B8.5 dyno testing. Massive gains for the 3.0t! Audi B8.5 S4 custom tuning is available. Call the shop for any custom tuning needs for your Audi.

Check out our shop car, everything is custom about this S4 10:1 compression ,3 liter storker.. etc