Here is the sound of Solo Motorsports….

Another customer came down from Columbus, GA to get his E55 custom tuned for race gas.   Car made 560 whp on our low reading mustang dyno

Our customer Steve wants something special for his baby, not to loud but agrssive  at the same time. Here is our SMS custom single 3in exhaust for E36 S54

Getting ready for wannagofast in GA. She got a bigger turbo and new AEM standalone.. should be fun 🙂   Turbo is almost the same size as Meho Head (our tech). His head is still little bit bigger….  😉  

Solo Motorsports  Stage 2 Custom tuning for S85 gain 46 whp and 24 tq to the wheels. Check us out and come in for custom tuning

We are the first company that supports E85 tuning for B8, B8.5 S4.  420 whp on our low reading mustang dyno.

Audi B6 with 2.7t swap, and our custom dual 3 in exhaust.

3.0 Liter stroker twin GT2871 HTA  Built by Solo Motorsports 

Here is a another custom exhaust for this bad ass 700 hp A6 Avanat