We have everything you need to add 100whp to your stock B8 S4.   Check out our online store for great deals on

W211 E55 Amg  3000 stall racing TQ Converter…..mhmmm 😉

Supercharged E46 M3 time for some custom dyno tuning. If you live in Atlanta,GA area come visit us for your custom tuning needs. We can tune almost every German car.

WannaGOFAST 2016 - Fastest Four Door: 2012 E63 Wagon

We are getting ready to do some “before”” dyno runs tomorrow with our good customer Alan’s E63 AMG.   Before What you ask… Before we strap a 2.3L supercharger to this already nasty 6.2L V8. “

We believe that if you have the best equipment and take proper care to maintain it that will reflect in the end result of the work you do.  

We tuned this with a blend of 93 octane and E85 resulting in an E30 mixture. Enjoy the results of an afternoon on the dyno and be sure to check out all the great

Check out our Shop B8 S4.  It came to us as a stage 2 car with full exhaust and upgraded cooling.  Naturally we felt obligated to tune it for a higher power level. The results were impressive.  +38whp +6wtq over

2007 Audi A4 2.0t Franken turbo kit upgrade High pressure fuel pump upgrade SB stage 3 clutch with flywheel. Custom dyno tuning. Number coming soon….

The 335i is being strapped for custom tuning on e85 and larger turbos. Check out all the great

Check out our Customer’s 335i making 448whp and 535wtq on our heartbreaker dyno.  We managed to do this using our in house custom software with no help from any piggy backs or other tuning software. Needless to say the customer