Porsche produces some of the highest quality performance cars in the world, and we take special pride and care to treat these cars the way they deserve to be treated.


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Experience Matters

Most Porsche drivers go to the dealership when it’s time for service for their car and for good reason. Dealerships are often the only place to get repairs using factory grade parts and equipment but there are downsides:

  • Overcrowded dealerships lead to extended wait times and difficulties scheduling an appointment
  • High cost of everything from diagnostic inspection to routine services and repairs
  • High turnover rate of mechanics lead to a dip in quality of service
  • Rush jobs can lead to repairs not done correctly and expensive repeat visits

At Solo Motorsports we offer drivers the best of both worlds: quality service using the same high-grade equipment and more affordable services from top to bottom.

Affordable Porsche Services

Porsche produces some of the highest quality vehicles in the world and at Solo Motorsports we take pride in our services and treat these cars the way they deserve. Porsche has always made sure their cars come across effortlessly cool and powerful, but owners will tell you it takes a lot of behind the scenes work. An emphasis on performance over the years has led to stronger engines, more effective handling and a streamlined design that focuses on safety and efficiency.With each new addition it’s important that the quality of service from your mechanics doesn’t dip. At Solo Motorsports we offer the area’s best independent alternative to the dealerships.

We also offer world class Porsche firmware customization and ECU tuning services

Service You Can Trust

For years the specialists at Solo Motorsports have provided dealership quality service with a more comprehensive approach. With decades of combined experience our shop’s mechanics understand the differences in each Porsche model.We know what your car needs to maintain peak performance and condition. With locations in:

Priority Porsche maintenance is available no matter where you are.

Please call or visit Solo Motorsports today for a friendlier,faster alternative to going to the dealerships. We’ll make sure your Porsche receives the right service or repairs that it needs with each visit.

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