We tune some of the fastest BMWs in the Atlanta/Southeast area. We offer Atlanta BMW tuning utilizing our dyno or remote BMW tuning- in either case we will make your inline-six, V8, V10, etc. go nuts!

BMW Tuning

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BMW tuning from Solo Motorsports: Unlock your car’s potential

BMWs are known as the ‘ultimate driving machines’ straight out from the factory. But, to truly be THE king of the road, your vehicle needs an ECU remap. At Solo Motorsport, we have developed the exact solution that will make your BMW roar with power. Our expert tuning unlocks your car’s hidden potential to maximize power and drivability.


A BMW has more than a dozen computers onboard. These computers communicate with each other through a complex network. A small modification by an amateur in this network can cause big damage to your car.

This is why it is always recommended to take your BMW to an expert for tuning. Solo Motorsports rewrites the program on your BMW’s computers to unleash the power it hides under those delicious curves. After the tuning, you will notice a great improvement in the performance and power of your car

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Features and benefits of BMW tuning at Solo Motorsports

The behavior and quality of your BMW depends on the tuning program it has onboard. A bad tuning can make the software fail and crash the complete system of the car just like a laptop crashes in case of a faulty software.

At Solo, we install tried and tested pro-tune program on your BMW’s computer which results in a great experience. Did we mention the perks we offer?

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Master-level technicians:

What makes our technicians different from any other shop is the fact that our techies have vast technical domain knowledge and several years of experience. When you choose Solo Motorsports, not only are you ensuring that you get the best tuning, you also make sure that your car is always in expert hands.

The latest equipment:

We have the high-end tools required to tune a BMW to perfection. Our world-class dynamometers and pass-thru devices help us to fine-tune your vehicle.

German car expertise:

At Solo Motorsports, we focus on one thing: German cars. That means 100% of our brainpower is devoted to the type of vehicle you drive. We know these machines inside-out. This is our forte and we are proud of it.

Made-to-order tuning:

Most aftermarket programming boxes intercept existing ECU data for a one-size-fits-all approach. Meanwhile, remapping from Solo Motorsports re-writes module software for a custom fit. So, we can fine-tune your vehicle the way you’d like.

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Racing knowledge:

Through years of professional racing, we’ve learned the type of programming needed to win. Let us tune your vehicle and your car will start complementing your skill on the track. Unbeatable!

Five-star reputation:

You will find us in a lot of places. We’re legends in the BMW enthusiast community. Our top-tier reputation promises peace of mind that both you, and your car, will love.

BMW vehicles we tune

We provide BMW tuning for all models including:

  • X Series
  • 2 Series
  • 3 Series
  • 4 Series
  • 5 Series
  • 6 Series
  • 7 Series
  • 8 Series
  • Z4
  • M models

Don’t see your vehicle on the list? No problem! Just give us a call. Chances are, we’ll be able to help you out.

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