Not a bad gain for maxed out N/A motor.


Audi S7 is in again for custom ALP laser jammer installation 

Our good customer/friend Will is representing us at the track day. Good luck Will the car is setup right 🙂     Why ? Because race cat !! 😉

Doing some dyno testing final number 320 whp. Car weights about 2450 lb.

Custom tuning this GTI with Franken turbo, all done in house 

458 in for some major service… which one do you like Red or Black… 🙂

Fastest 4 Door E30 S54 Turbo   ————————————————————–   Bmw service, BMW perfomance center, custom dyno tuning 

Here is the Dyno Graph,  Dinan tune v.s SMS there only so much u can squeeze out of this engine with tuning only 🙂

E93 M3 Tuning

E93 M3 in for custom tuning … switching from Dinan to Solo Motorsports 🙂

E92 M3 in for custom tuning. Our friend Miki will be happy with his new power  !