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SMSTuned | STG2 JB4 SMS-Tuned Audi RS5

FACTS: The source of the RS5’s power is up in the nose: a 2.9-liter twin-turbocharged V6 engine. Those turbos sit between the valley of the heads making this a “hot V” setup. The mighty little mill is good for a claimed 444 HP and 443 lb-ft of torque, with that grunt coming on at just 1,900 rpm and holding strong through 5,000 rpm.


This RS5 is strapping down some legit mods in preparation to run our Dyno Lab

Our client has chosen to go with the following Mods:



The Audi RS5 Eventuri intake was developed to give less restrictive airflow whilst maintaining low inlet temperatures. The RS5 engine bay becomes heat soaked very quickly so simply having an open cone system would result in better airflow but higher inlet temperatures. Eventuri therefore completely re-engineered the inlet track from the throttle body to the front grill with a highly efficient sealed system. The restrictive stock airboxes and duct feeds have been replaced with a Venturi filter housing and a duct system with smooth transitions to allow the airflow to remain full and laminar. The resulting performance gains and aesthetics are industry leading for this platform.

The AWE Tuning Performance Downpipe features an integrated resonator to keep the exhaust sound volume civilized even with the elimination of the very restrictive factory converters. Their downpipes are the first performance downpipe to be released that will not trigger a Check Engine Light on your Audi. 

The 034Motorsport Strut Brace replaces the flimsy individual factory braces, to improve the B9 A4’s steering feel and handling performance. This robust chassis reinforcement is machined from T6-6061 billet aluminum, and engineered to be a comprehensive upgrade by limiting lateral strut tower deflection and maintaining proper suspension geometry under heavy cornering. The incorporated center brace ties together both left and right strut tower to provide precise, consistent feedback from the front end and ensures that you experience a more connected driving experience.


Weather may of been super frosty but our Dyno Lab got the heat turned up with this FIRE RS5 hanging around 🔥

STG-SMStuned: 511 WTQ / 442 WHP