SMSTuned & SMS-FAB: V10 Powered BMW E60 M5

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SMSTuned & SMS-FAB: V10 Powered BMW E60 M5

BMW E60 M5

NEW LEASE ON LIfe: REVIVAL of a legend

We’re always happy to see the mythical, the imaginary, the ultra rare E60 M5 that no one believes exists show up at our shop, especially to get the very much so needed love it deserves.

This is an extremely special car near and dear to our hearts. The E60 M5s feature a 500 horsepower V10 engine supposedly inspired by BMW’s Williams Formula One motor, and enthusiasts that own these cars drive the hell out of them. It’s virtually impossible to find low mileage, gently-driven M5s for sale.

Lots of miles are bad news for these cars because the rod bearings will inevitably need replacement and other expensive repair work may be required. It’s like BMW designed this car to self-destruct as the odometer gets close to hitting the six-figure mark.

THIS M5 is not the usual ticking time bomb version of one that most owners are desperately trying to get rid of. Instead, this Space Grey beauty is loved dearly by it’s owner! 

With a new lease on life and some new Rod Bearings, custom SMS-FAB headers this beauty is ready to hit our Dyno Lab and go full blown STG2-SMSTuned!  

STOCK: WTQ 242 / WHP 353
STG1: WTQ 275 / WHP 399