Pure Demonic Possession: STG3-SMSTuned Mercedes Benz Edition 1 AMG E63s

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Pure Demonic Possession: STG3-SMSTuned Mercedes Benz Edition 1 AMG E63s



Solo Motorsports is no stranger to this particular 4.0 biturbo beast, we fondly named “Beezleub” on the count of any time a Tech smashes that start button, the cold start scares the living hell out of fellow clients (and me)

Being as scary as it appears our client gave us th nod to shove some PURE1000 Upgraded Turbos from Pure Turbos into the beast making this E63s turn into an AMG Hellbent for POWER.

If you have to ask why this AMG with a devil’s pitchfork under the hood and a thunderclap to match coming out of its exhaust pipes is so great, we will be glad to escort you back to a Boring Existence.

First off Race Start and Drift Mode exist on this car and are just a small slice of heaven this car offers. Lemme remind you: Race mode jolts that demon I mentioned to life and opens its cage. Run Race mode with traction control off and Drift Mode activated and you might as well confess your sins and kiss your family goodbye while this hellion comes for your soul



The 2018 Mercedes-AMG E63S possesses a 4.0-liter biturbo V8 engine chortling air and gasoline to make a claimed 603 HP and 627 lb-ft of torque STOCK, not to mention a ghastly-good exhaust note. The power is eventually fed to an advanced overridable all-wheel drive system which flings the sleek-looking land whale around corners and into the holeshot at any intersection. The exhaust music can be magnified with the push of a button.

After Boris got his hands on it and threw M177 Pure1000 Upgraded Turbs , some SWEET SMS-FAB Custom Sport Downpipes & BMC Preformance Air Filters this AMG was ready to go FULL STAGE 3.

STOCK: WTQ 567 / WHP 439
STG2: WTQ 754 / WHP 623
STG3: WTQ 770 / WHP 714

GAINS: +203 WTQ / +275 WH 


Look at that, 714whp/770wtq and holding strong with no power loss up top. the delta between the stock turbo tuned at the Pure1000’s peak power id roughly 175whp!