Forget off the shelf Tunes, our SMSTune reigns king

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Forget off the shelf Tunes, our SMSTune reigns king


Regardless of how much power your car makes from the factory, there is always still some performance left on the table, waiting to be tapped into & Solo Motorsports is here to help you unleash that power!

What is a Tune?

Tuning is the process of rewriting/reconfiguring the stock engine parameters for increased performance. Most cars come out of the factory with fairly conservative parameters for a well-rounded vehicle that can be easily daily driven, get alright fuel economy, have power when you need it, and to be overall smooth when driving. A custom SMS tune will adjust a wide set of parameters in order to get more power out of your engine and to give you overall aggressive performance (much more fitting for a ‘euro let’s be honest). 


A “canned” off the shelf tune is a generic, preloaded tune that comes with the handheld tuner device or through a company; think of it as a “one size fits all” tune. Our custom SMSTune is a tune written specifically for you based off of your mods and is dialed-in /programmed in real time at our Norcross Dyno Lab Facility. We also can data log / program ECUs by other means that can be discussed with Boris, the genius behind #SMSTuned. 

Custom Dyno tunes yield the most power and provide the most overall drivability.

Tuning your engine will provide you with:

  • Increased horsepower and torque
  • Improved throttle response
  • More aggressive shift points (automatic, pdk, smg, dct transmissions)
  • Increased fuel economy

Ultimately the main goal of adding a custom tune is to make more power and to improve the throttle response. If your car sees street driving, then fuel economy becomes a factor (albeit a small one) and overall drivability. Tuning is incredibly useful (and often necessary) when you modify your engine as adjustments need to be made to your engine management to get the most out of your mods as well as to get everything to work properly.


Still skeptical? Talk to a Solo-Certified Advisor today to view some of our clients dyno sheets & to get started on your path to MORE POWER!