Our team is what makes solo motorsports the best

We only hire the greatest, most passionate enthusiasts and engineers.

Not only are they expert at what they do, they are fanatic about doing it.



Boris Jovanovic AKA ``b0ki``

Co-Owner / Tuning & Performance Specialist

With a vision to create a high-performance brand for German cars, Boris co-founded Solo Motorsports in Suwanee Georgia in 2008. Boris and his partners Harold & Tony Marulanda are dedicated to providing customers with a dealer-alternative solution to get the most out of their German car. Boris is also well known in the automotive community, and boasts one of the fastest German automobiles on the road. A testimate to his vision, and capability with your vehicle.


Tony Marulanda

Co-Owner / BMW Master Tech / Exotic Specialist

Tony’s passion for German automobiles began at a young age, as he grew up working on his fathers heavy commercial equipment. Over the years, Tony fast became a well-respected BMW tech and guru. Now, Tony has over 20 years of experience working on BMW’s and exotic cars maing him one of the best in the business. Tony also co-founded Solo Motorsports in 2008 with his brother Harold and partner Boris.


Harold Marulanda

Co-Owner / Porsche Master tech and Automotive Electric specialist

Harold is a well known and well respected Porsche Master Tech in the automotive industry, and is able to build some of the finest engine harnesses from sctrach.  Harold, his brother Tony and Boris all started Solo Motorsports together as a power-trio back in 2008 in Suwanee Georgia.  Some of Harolds other talents include wiring up a full standalone system, and unbelievable engine swaps.


Boris’ younger brother Predo joined Solo Motorsports back in 2010 at the young age of 16 as a parts delivery driver. After years of being around the shop, Predo learned everything he needed to become the service / performance advisor manager. He has fantatic customer skills and automotive knowledge.

Predrag Jovanovic AKA 'Predo' or 'PJ'

Service / Performance Advisor Manager

Alec started as parts delivery driver, then moved to a Dyno operator and now he is our Service Adviser at the Downtown Atlanta location.He knows the shop and Automotive business inside and out with 4 years of experience.

Alec Wichman

Atlanta Lead Service Advisor

Keenan has been with us since 2018, he has a strong background in Automotive industry , he worked 4 years for Performance Import and 14 years for Dekalb Tire as a store manager his customer skills are amazing .

Keenan Cole AKA ``Taco``

Service Advisor

Ian has worked in many performance shops with over 6 years of experience as an advisor. He is also known as a fantastic driver in the high performance indusrty and has been part of the Solo team since 2015.

Ian Jagor

Service / Performance Advisor

Behind the scenes of every top Tuner there’s an Operator that keeps everything running smoothy. No-one else gets cars locked & loaded better than this man. With more than 8 years of Motorsports Industry under his belt, His ambition & determination to make things perfect paired with His unparalleled accuracy and keen knowledge of practically everything Motorsport, Solo is proud to have Nick as a part of our Team!

Nick Barhydt aka ``JC``

Lead Dyno Management / Operations

Matt may appear young, but he’s no stranger to the Atlanta euro car scene, praised as a breakthrough prodigal Technician that has collaborated with only the most astute of syndicates, there is no hesitation that we can truly say we have a A+ Team. 

Matt Bribeagu aka ``Prodigy``

Audi Tech / VW Tech Protégé

With 10 years of total experience in the automotive field, JJ knows cars in and out and is a well known service advisor in the community. He joined the Solo Motorsports team in 2016.

Jeffery Birr AKA 'JJ'

Service / Performance Advisor

Meet Pierre, you’ll see him right beside our other amazing Service Advisors in the front end.

We are truly proud to have Pierre as a part of our team, he contributes outstanding customer service, quick logical thinking when it comes to problem solving, vast knowledge of all makes and models of cars (import, domestic, luxury, exotic.. you name it he knows it!) and to boot he possesses an overwhelming good demeanor & hospitality, I believe we can say he is the equivalent of a human swiss army knife & quite versatile!

Pierre actually is a 3yr+ Certified Technician whom started out working on Import cars, then decided to expand his knowledge, head to the Sunshine State of Florida to conquer the foreign car industry & was rewarded certification for that too!

Onto of that he made sure he covered almost every position in the industry, even down to the manufacturing side.

Pierre’s main desires now are to work one on one with clients to offer them the best customer / congierge service experience they’ll ever receive, and when you see him behind our front desk, know that you’re in excellent hands!

Pierre aka ``Mineral Water`` Pongnon

Service Advisor

Beni was the first team member to join Solo Motorsports back in 2009. Beni is known to be one of the finest Audi technicians, and works fast while percise. Beni is also known for his love for Audi’s 5 cylinder engines.

Benny Jacob AKA ``Benny``

Audi Master Tech / VW Master Tech

Thomas worked for BMW dealerships for years before owning his own shop in 2005 called AutoFab. He is well known as one of the great technicians for the Bavarian automaker, and joined Solo Motorsports in 2016.

Thomas Lewandowski

BMW Master tech / BMW Perfomance Specialist

Javier Joined our team in 2018 with 6 years experience in BMW and Mini.

Javier A Zuluaga aka 'Gonzales'

BMW/ Mini Tech

Geno worked in all different performance shops in the USA before finding his home at Solo Motorsports in 2013. Geno is seemingly able to make anything out of metal, being one of the most skilled fabricators in the industry. He is also well known for making Mercedes vehicles even faster.

Eugene Woods AKA ``Geno``

Fabricator / Mercedes-Benz Master Tech

With 10 years of experience in the marketing industry, Sanel is head of our marketing department and produces high quality photos and videos for Solo Motorsports. 

Sanel Cengic AKA 'Dzetic'

Director of Marketing

When David finished school in Sweden while working for Volvo and Audi, he moved to the United States and worked for BMW Global and Jim Ellis Porsche. While he worked there, he would help Solo Motorsports after hours until he officially joined the team in 2010. Not to mention, he owns a 900 HP Audi A6 Wagon.

David Ciontos

BMW Master Tech / Audi Master Tech

Jeffery’s construction skills makes Solo Motorsports one of the cleanest and most effiecient shops in the nation. He is also in charge of all the high performance parts, and has been one of the best handymen around since he joined Solo in 2013.

Jeffery Martinez AKA ``Papi``

Facility Maintenance Manager

Adrian is one of the best detailers in the city. He is precise and specializes in paint correction and ceramic coating, of which he has 12 years of experience. Adrian joined Solo Motorsports in 2016 as one of the best known perfectionists nationwide.

Adrian Olteanu AKA 'Adi'

Detailing Specialist

With 35+ years of Automotive Industry Experience let just say  if you’re the gambling type Vegas is the one you can bet on who’ll give you a perfect alignment, first time: every time.

Richard ``aka Vegas`` Villegas

Mastertech Alignment & Suspension Specialist

From the moment Cata could walk he was driven with passion to be around cars. From a young age he would watch his father work on cars, and the moment Cata could turn a wrench he committed his life to learn everything he could from his Father & beyond. Decorated with multiple vocational degrees in Engineering, Diesel, ECU Tuning & all models of European Cars Cata set his goals high to become one of the best Technicians out there. We are thankful to have such a diverse individual to be a part of TeamSMS.

Catalina ``aka Cata``

MasterTech Diesel / Sprinter / Volkswagen