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Porsche tuning from Solo Motorsports: make your fast car even faster

Modern Porsches – like the 718, 911 and Panamera – are fast enough to blow the doors off most other cars. But as quick as these machines are, they can be made even better with an ECU remap from Solo Motorsports.

Why you need Porsche chip tuning

These days, going fast requires a lot of electronics and processing power. From the factory, Porsches have entire computer networks onboard. And that can lead to problems when adding performance modifications. Even minor tweaks, such as an exhaust or air intake, can cause system errors without a Porsche remap from Solo Motorsports.

Unlike those off-the-shelf programmers, which intercept existing network data, our Porsche performance tuning rewrites ECU software. As a result, your car reacts to modifications as if they came from the factory. Even stock rides gain power and efficiency from our work.

Features and benefits of Porsche tuning at Solo Motorsports

Without question, Solo Motorsports is the best Porsche tuning house around. We’re so good, in fact, that our Shop-modified 996TT won at WannaGoFast in Ocala, FL. If you want your car to be a champion, too, visit us to experience the following:

Porsche-trained professionals:

Our team has several Porsche specialists including co-owner and Porsche Master Tech, Harold Marulanda. Because we know these cars better than anyone else, you get first-class work every time.

State-of-the-art equipment:

Porsche chiptuning requires a lot of high-end tools, such as dynamometers and pass-thru devices. Solo Motorsports has it all on hand, ready to fine-tune your vehicle.

The German car authorities:

We only work on German cars because being focused is critical to success. Each day, our team devotes everything towards making cars, like your Porsche, the best on the street and track.

Personalized tuning:

Each Porsche – and each Porsche owner – is a bit different. Our tuning is tailor-made for you and your vehicle to ensure maximum performance and enjoyment.


Real world Racing experience:

Solo Motorsports regularly competes and wins at racing events throughout the country. If you’d like your car to be a champion, like our winning 996TT, we can make it happen.

World-renowned tuning house:

Throughout the local Porsche community, and around the world, we’re known as tuning gurus. Our solid reputation provides reassurance that you’re getting the best in the business.

Porsche vehicles we tune

We do Porsche performance tuning on all models, including the following:

Don’t see your vehicle on the list? No problem! Just give us a call. Chances are, we’ll be able to help you out.