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The 2011 Volkswagen Touareg TDi Is Everything You'd Ever Want in an Off-Road Sports SUV.

So it’s no secret that @b0kix is a OG VW fan, and as an enthusiast he possesses a coveted Volkswagen Touareg V6 TDI.
Now you’re thinking why a 2011 Touareg?
Back in that era Volkswagen superboss Ferdinand Piëch was in the midst of his obsessive goal to make the best cars in the history of the world, dude gave us the 250 MPH Bugatti Veyron, the 260 mpg Volkswagen XL1, the W12 Phaeton and maybe-possibly-nearly the W12 supercar.
Once you’re behind the wheel and mash that accelerator pedal to the floor and its raucous power turns the tamest drivers into hooligans. It’s one of those SUVs’ that feels like it has no business being as fast as it is, and recently a huge resurgence in collecting and curating these babies is a big deal right now.
Hands down this is one of the most absurd VW’s to ever reach production. When these TDis’ aren’t draining the bank accounts of their owners, they’re tons of fun and demonstrate intoxicating levels of power thanks to a plethora of aftermarket parts and fabrication shops like @eurowiseoffroad + @eurowise_performance!
In traditional BokI style, this thing is definitely not stock:
– Tourag Baja front bumper / skid plate combo that accommodates a hidden 10k @warnindustries winch
– Tubular rear tire swing out bumper (with nifty pop cap opener)
– Modular roof rack
– Gen 3 Modular rock slider running rails
– @bajadesigns Light mounts
– Gen 3 Rear Window Molle Panels
– 35” Wheel + Tire combo
– 3” Eurowise body lift kit
And last but not least a SMS STG-2 tune that boasts a full custom exhaust 🔥🔥
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