Whether you have an A3, R8, or anything in between, we can service any of your Audi needs at a reasonable price!


Quality Audi Services in Throughout Georgia

At Solo Motorsports we pride ourselves in building some of the fastest, most durable Audis in the Southeast. Besides working on Audis many mechanics and members of our Solo Motorsports team also own Audi vehicles. Our B5 S4 was the fastest 4-door sedan in the Georgia Half- Mile shootout last year.

This experience makes it easier for you to trust our mechanics when it comes to getting the most out of your car. When you consider everything your car goes through on a day-to-day basis it is to be expected that the performance is negatively impacted when it’s left unattended to. In Audi cars there is a high standard of handling, performance and power that is expected to be present no matter what and at Solo Motorsports we make sure that that performance is preserved as best as possible.


We also offer world class Audi firmware customization and ECU tuning services

Everything Your Audi Needs

Whether it’s a routine service appointment or something more serious it is important that your Audi receives complete service with every visit.
At Solo Motorsports this means taking care of everything including:

  • Oil and filter changes to improve engine performance
  • Wheel alignments and tire rotation which works to improve fuel efficiency and promotes even wear and tear for your tires
  • Diagnostic inspections allow even the slightest issues to be found and repaired
  • Mileage specific service appointments to replace various fluids, filters and inspect systems to ensure peak performance

With each service item adding up to the overall health of your car it’s clear that you need knowledgeable mechanics to maintain the quality of your Audi’s maintenance. For years the certified specialists at Solo Motorsports have provided drivers with more experience and higher attention to detail than the rest and have remained the go-to dealership alternative.

Superior Audi Specialists

For years our Audi specialists have provided world-class service to the complete line of Audi models. Our comprehensive care ensures that your Audi receives the same quality of service it would at the dealership but at a more affordable price and a greater emphasis on customer service. Whether it’s routine mileage services or your car is in need of repairs our technicians work tirelessly to put your car back to the level you expect from it.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff has remained the go-to Audi service center for drivers from Norcross, John’s Creek, Downtown and the surrounding cities and areas for years. If your Audi is experiencing performance issues or you want to make an appointment with our experts then call Solo Motorsports today to schedule service for your car.