DEAD ALIVE: Harrop Supercharged BMW M3

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DEAD ALIVE: Harrop Supercharged BMW M3



Our client towed in this pristine Harrop Supercharged E90 M3 with a DOA/BRICKED on it’s ECU after an inexpirenced shop failed to tune it -AND- aforementioned shop told them they needed a new ECU 🤯

After alittle prodding around Boris SAVED this client’s amazing M3 from such a catastrophic nightmare.

Strange how just doing things the right way the first time gets the best results 🔥

SMSTUNED: WTQ 347 // WHP 451 // DJET HP 519


We know, we know, its a bit of a funny term.
But it literally means turning an ECU into a brick. (Well.. almost!)

A bricked ECU is where a corrupt flash, incompatible operating system/Calibration or failed update has caused the ECU to no longer function correctly, in most circumstances an event like that results in the ECU being unable to communicate to scantools or be reflashed. Only trust a skilled, seasoned professional, like our tuner, Boris NOT to mess up your ECU!


The S65 is one of our favorite BMW engines over here at Solo Motorsports, but while the high-revving V8 pulls all the way to redline, it lacks a bit of bottom end typical of a larger displacement V8 – and we miss that on the street especially. Harrop’s supercharger kit (priced at almost10k) for the S65 employs the proven and patented Eaton TVS1740 roots-style supercharger to make that massive power you’re missing, in a package so clean that it looks like BMW designed it for the car.

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