Volkswagen, the biggest German automaker, produces some of the best bang for your buck cars today.


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Volkswagen has become the biggest German automaker in the world and produces some of the best bang for your buck cars available today. Volkswagen proves that European-made quality can still be found in more affordable commuters, VW has enjoyed sustained popularity among drivers for years. Continually atop lists including most popular and most reliable vehicles Volkswagen has numerous models including:


Since these vehicles maintain the same high standard that other European brands do as well there is an added emphasis on service and repair quality. At Solo Motorsports we have three locations in Norcross , John’s Creek and Downtown GA to ensure high quality Volkswagen service wherever you are.

We also offer world class Volkswagen firmware customization and ECU tuning services

Finding the Right Service for Your Car

Whether something feels unresponsive or you’re noticing an unusual sound the experts at Solo Motorsports will find the best solution possible for your car. For years we’ve earned our reputation as the area’s number one dealership alternative with our attention to detail and commitment to quality work.

When you schedule an appointment with our VW specialists we ensure that your vehicle gets the most comprehensive services available including:

  • Using manufacturer diagnostic tools and equipment to eliminate the guesswork in terms of finding the cause of any problems
  • Experienced specialists that know the ins and outs of your vehicle and everything it needs including; brakes, tires, factory service, repairs, detailing and custom tuning
  • Dealership quality repairs and services provided at a more affordable cost

How to Find Us

Solo Motorsports has three locations in order to offer service to as many drivers as possible. Our locations, John’s Creek ,Norcross and Downtown are staffed with certified and experienced specialists and feature new, state of the art facilities. Whether you’re behind on service appointments or need a tune-up or slight repairs to restore performance, call us today. We’re here to help you get the maintenance your VW needs and to make it as easy for you as possible.