Still Buggin, Still V-Dubbin, Still..

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Still Buggin, Still V-Dubbin, Still..

Fine-Tune, Dust-Off and a Wash, 

1963 Volkswagen Beetle

One of our very regular customer swung by and checked in this immaculate VW bug for a checkup “a Fine-Tune” if you will. Psst, we think the bug checked in just to Show-Off! And that happens a lot. But do we complain? NO! We love these cars.

Anyway, getting on: the bug was inspected thoroughly, and, we found no faults besides a fine, even, and misty layer of dust accumulation throughout the car. We quickly resolved the issues by pulling out the power hose and giving the bug a wash. The direkting direktor was very pleased and proceeded to capture still frames that you can see below.

The truth behind the dust is that as much as its immaculate looking, it’s not as much immaculate to drive, they’re not a daily’! The air-cooled v-dubs are in one way or another associated with many of us. Not as many are still closely associated with the air-cooled cars.

The ones that are still associated deserve and receive full respect, it’s not that much of a challenge since many of us were associated with the air-cooled cars one way or another at some point in the past.