4 Rings to Rule Them All: Audi RS3 Pt I

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4 Rings to Rule Them All: Audi RS3 Pt I

One does not simply walk into Solo and think they’re gonna walk out without a custom SMS tune for their newly purchased RS3.

First Impression

Parked in-front of me is a Nardo Grey RS3 a customer just dropped off. I gaze upon it somewhat more confused than usual and mumble to myself “What’s so great about it? It looks like an S3 to me.” 

Boris, one of Solo’s top dogs was in earshot of my comment and comes charging over and without a word pops open the hood, looks at me and says in his signature voice “Issa RS3, ya-know?”

I hesitated and naïvely examine the engine bay, looking quickly once over, and nonchalantly voice “it looks like the S3’s engine bay” (mind you I couldn’t envision what the S3’s engine bay looked like honeslty) With no hesitation Boris corrected me and explained this 5cly 2500cc engine is a far cry from the S3’s 4cly 2000cc engine. He goes on to explain this one has wayyyyyy more potency than the S3, with the addition of one more cylinder and an additional 108 horsepower.

He chuckles, and then announces “I’m going tune the F*** out of it.”

With the executive order and promise to the RS3’s owner to give their car real spitfire we set off on a journey to develop this RS3 into one real hot saloon. In the next few days we will highlight coverage of the exciting development over here at Solo Motorsports @Norcross.

Solo Motorsports has proudly chosen CTS as the manufacturer for the RS3’s build components. check out what they offer! www.ctsturbo.com
Red like Loboutin. The CTS intake nicely drenched this RS3’s bay in monochromatic red dominance.

“omne trium perfectum” Good things comes in three.

For what the client wants out of their RS3 stock parts just won’t cut it. Blow are our first modifications to get the most out of this fiesty 2.5 litre 5cyl engine. Let’s take a look into what we have chosen so far –

All info and data provided below comes directly from CTS themselves – visit www.ctsturbo.com for further reading & reviews.

This giant intercooler core that CTS offers is 42% larger than stock and meets extensive quality control and pressure testing (up to 50psi). Cast aluminum end tanks attach to factory hoses seamlessly to ensure a boost-leak free fit that results in increased horsepower and torque.

Stock FMIC size: 6.3 tall x 25.3 wide x 3.2 thick = 510.05 in3

CTS FMIC size: 10.4 tall x 24 wide x 3.5 thick = 873.60 in3 

The OEM air scoop works in conjunction with their airbox to seamlesly force cold air into the air intake system.  Air then flows through their high flow cone air filter, which utilizes an inverted cone design and 3.5″ Velocity stack for maximum engine breathing.  Our single piece CNC mandrel bent aluminum intake pipe allows for smooth entry of cold air into the the engine providing peak power gains ranging from 6-11HP.  All of the components included in the CTS air intake system work flawlessly together to provide increased horsepower and torque throughout the entire power band and an aggressive race-inspired sound.a

This stainless steel high-flow downpipe that allows the user to remove the restrictive factory “main catalytic converters”. This downpipe is a part of our modular exhaust system and it is compatible with factory or CTS Turbo mid-pipes.

CTS used CAD simulation to streamline the flow of exhaust gasses and ensure that it splits evenly into two outlets. Many hours of R&D were spent to ensure perfect fit, smooth exhaust flow and excellent sound.

Still under construction.. stay tuned!

to be continued…

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