4 Rings to Rule them all: Audi RS3 Pt II; The Tuning

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4 Rings to Rule them all: Audi RS3 Pt II; The Tuning

This is a damn fast RS3. Sure, most RS3 saloons aren’t shy in matters of accelerative prowess. This one just takes the whole cake and eats it too just like Marie Antionette.

all tied up and nowhere to go

“The results are up.” Boris boasts, everyone in earshot crowds around eagerly waiting to take a look at the readouts.

STOCK: WTQ 354 / WHP 394

SMS TUNE: WTQ 517 / WHP 463 / DYNOJET HP 532


“This is a really fast, I mean really F-A-S-T.”


“Like you’re running away from your problems fast.”

*dead silence*

“You mean so fast the check engine light doesn’t have time to come on fast”

*the whole shop laughs”

Our promise to the RS3’s owner to offer their car real spitfire was delivered. CTS & our SMS Tune worked hand in hand perfectly to give this RS3 one hell of a kick.

Alongside a new tune, the client decided he wanted his ride planted firmly to the ground – so a set of H&R Sports Springs was also thrown into the mix.

SAUCIN’ like Guy Fieri

For the perfect stance, H&R Sport Springs was our go-to choice naturally. It lowered the RS 3 approximately 1.0” in the front and .80” in the rear. Remember kids, lowering the vehicle’s center of gravity improves handling and creates a sleek European stance – Wunderbar!



Overall, this RS3 was one hell of a fun build, when the client picked up their RS3 a grin ear to ear appeared, that told us our job was completed. That is why we put pure raw passion into everything we do; because it creates happiness. Here’s to hoping this and all our builds at Solo Motorsports encourages, inspires and sparks dreams and ideas, and when they manifest, call on us to make it happen, cheers!

“As a wise man never said, it doesn’t matter if you win by an inch or a mile. Always remove the crust from your tuna sandwiches. Or something along those lines.”

#staytuned Atlanta.

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