High Speed Tea – Supercharged Bull in a China Shop

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High Speed Tea – Supercharged Bull in a China Shop

Mr. Sinatra said it best: “Buy a Ferrari if you want to be somebody. If you are somebody, buy a Lamborghini”.

An impromptu visit from this Huracan had the Solo Motorsports @Norcross team wrecked in excitement!

Lamborghini Huracan
White is the only thing innocent on this Huracan

Our client came into our Norcross facility with one very specific demand; They wanted torque all the time, and boy, he got it. We ordered a Supercharger from VF Engineering to fill this tall order.

Solo Motorsports has proudly chosen VF as the manufacturer for the Huracan’s supercharger components. check out what they offer! www.vfe1.com

$30k+ Berkin Bag ain’t got nothing on this.

The VF800 system is a genuine bolt-on supercharger kit containing everything necessary to produce size-able gains to both the HP and torque of the Huracan’s V10 engine. Available for 2014+ models worldwide, this system uses the latest generation Eaton TVS2300 3-lobe “Twin Vortices Series” roots supercharger with an air/water after cooling system. Using state of the art technology and production techniques, VF-Engineering has created a system that effectively integrates with the High Output 5.2-liter powerplant to produce proven OEM quality results.

Packing a lag-free instant punch of torque from 2300 rpm, the air charge progressively climbs to redline for an exhilarating increase in forward thrust. The supercharger creates a predictable, linear powerband making it a competitor with the V12 Aventador. Designed as a reversible upgrade, this system is designed as a daily driver or competitive hypercar. Engine calibration is performed via electronic flashing of the factory’s dual Bosch ECUs with optimized code engineered, 4WD dyno, and road tested by VF/Hex Tuning.

Chart provided courtesy of VF Engineering.

The results and photos speak for themself, happy customer.. happy Huracan! What else is there to say?!

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