Nissan Z Killer SMSTuned Toyota Supra GR

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Nissan Z Killer SMSTuned Toyota Supra GR


With our signature SMSTune this Supra can outrun the supposedly identical B58 Powered BMW Z4 


Minkan Densho means “transmissions among the folk”

Enthusiasts are in rejoice! The collective cult folklore that is known as the ZUPRA aka A80 aka the MK5 Supra has made its appearance in our Norcross Dyno Lab

16 years in the making, the legendary Supra nameplate returned to Toyota’s lineup, co-developed by BMW, and built at the same plant in Austria by Magna Steyr, but thankfully each has its own, proprietary sheetmetal and there’s no visible parts shared on the outside sans the door mirrors and handles but on the inside both the Supra and the new BMW Z4 share the same B58 engine, but this one is special, its Atlanta’s first SMSTuned Supra!

Stock: 369 WTQ / 317 WHP / D.JET 365 

SMSTUNED: 454 WTQ / 367 WHP / D.JET 423

SMS GAINS: +85 WTQ / +50 WHP / +58 D.JET HP


The Supra was gifted the BMW B58B30 turbocharged engine alongside the matching automatic transmission and rear end from the new-gen Z4