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Getting Skilled, Affordable Service for Your Jaguar

Coming from England, Jaguar is a luxury car brand that is dedicated to manufacturing cars which are sophisticated, rich, expensive and high performing. Their cars have gone a lot of change in terms of design in the last 2 decades. Most of this can be attributed to the fact that the ownership of the JLR group has gone from independent to Ford and now to Tata Motors. However, the change in ownership of the group has never affected the quality of the cars that JLR makes.

Affordable is one thing that has never described a Jaguar, and it never will. It is an expensive and rare brand. This is why getting your Jaguar serviced can be a painful task. First, there aren’t enough locations, and second, there aren’t enough experts. At Solo Motorsports, we take pride in providing the best alternative to dealership service. We have a dedicated team of mechanics and engineers who would listen to your needs and tune your ride to your liking. We even provide custom solutions to make your ride hotter (and more fun). If you are unsure, give us a call and let us explain to you why our Jaguar clients love us and how we help them log numbers on speedometer that they had never imagined.

Service You Will Love

The major problem with getting your car serviced at a JLR dealership is the cost and the time taken by the workmen to complete the job. They rarely do rush jobs, and when they do, the bills are unbelievable. This is where Solo gives you an advantage. We are an affordable service center that understands your needs and tailors the process according to you.

To get the most our of your vehicle and to maintain the “ultimate driving experience” it’s important that you follow a custom Solo Motorsports care plan which include:

  • 10,000 mile/12-month inspection
  • First 30,000 miles inspection
  • Every 60,000 miles inspection
  • Diagnostic inspections
  • Performance issues troubleshooting and repair

Experts That are Here to Help

We have experienced and skilled engineers who love cars. They get excited when they can meet the client’s expectation, and this is what makes us different (and in a way, better) than any other service center. If you think your car deserves a service that is provided by the dealers, give us a call and let’s discuss.

We are located in John’s Creek and Norcross, GA.

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