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SMS-FAB | Audi RS5 Euro Tail Conversion


Alas, we always get the short stick when it comes to options here in America while Audi showers their better, more fancy LED lights to European models. 

Don’t set fire to your mullets in protest just yet, at Solo we have a solution! 


That’s right, we do that here, and it’s AWESOME. 

BMW. Audi. Volkswagen. Mercedes Benz. Ferrari. Lamborghini, you name it e can convert it.

We recently had the pleasure to install a HELLA awesome pair of Genuine dark and clear European LED taillights with discrete sweeping turn signal functionality on our Client’s brand spankin’ new RS5.

All functions are separated allowing for the orange turn signal to sweep on it’s own.

As you know North American models are missing the rear fog light option, but that can be added in along with the needed European headlight switch to make this functional.

all tails we sell are combined with the needed components to allow for a seamless installation for all A5, S5 and RS5 Coupe, Cabriolet and Sportback models.

About the Euro Spec Tails

Genuine Equipment and Function
Dark Tinted for an Aggressive Appearance
Dynamic Sweeping Turn Signals
Discrete Orange Turn Signals for Added Safety
Missing Rear Fog Light can be Activated with Switch and Wiring

Little details like this matter! Count on Solo to helptailor your car performance & esthetic wise!


Talk to a Solo-Certified Advisor today to learn more about our Euro Spec Upgrade Packages.