SMS-FAB Downpipes Install Mercedes Benz G550 GSquared 4×4

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SMS-FAB Downpipes Install Mercedes Benz G550 GSquared 4×4


Nothing quote embodies Boujee quite like a Mercedes G-Class, especially out here in Atlanta, where the players play. They’re everywhere, in bright and matte colors; the AMGs outnumber the standard G550s, and I’ve even seen a few Brabus-tuned ones in the past few months. But no G-Class sold in the U.S. up until this point can match the badassery of Our client Ash's SMS-FAB / SMSTuned G550 4x4² – that’s “4x4 Squared.” It is the ultimate embodiment of everything exuberant. Say what you will about the candy coated paint job, its $25k. You’re wrong, it’s cool, and we absolutely love it.

We had a blast Tuning, modifying & creating custom built downpipes for this Benz! After having it for a few days we can say that this thing is just straight up NICE. You ask how nice the G550 is? Hella nice. I can tell you that this 4x4² bro-dozer is pretty much unstoppable – portal axles, an extra eight inches of ground clearance, and dual springs and struts at each wheel certainly does the trick. It’ll drive up steep, rocky hills. It’ll ford deep waters. It'll get over the speed bumps at Lenox Mall. And that’s before you put it in low range and lock the differentials I can say this is one Mercedes that would just love to get dirty. The Interior: It’s true, you get diamond-stitched Designo seats with Alcantara accents. There’s leather everywhere. Indeed, it’s a Mercedes-Benz. But it’s also $225,000, making it the most expensive of all G-Class variants, and in fact, the most expensive Mercedes vehicle behind the AMG S65 Coupe and Cabriolet. Of course, it’s already discontinued, so I guess that’s a moot point. To the owners we will see ya'll around Atlanta.

G550 4x4 Squared: Downpipes Highlight

SMS-FAB Advantages:
100% bolt-on install
100% hand crafted
Faster spool rate
Aggressive exhaust tone
100% TIG welded & back purged
Highest quality 1.6mm wall 304 stainless steel
CNC Machined 304SS bottom flanges
All brackets & mounts on OEM units
Manages temperatures better than OEM
Eliminated stock restrictive catalytic converter providing increased flow & power gains


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