SMSTuned German Monster Truck: Mercedes Benz G550 4×4

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SMSTuned German Monster Truck: Mercedes Benz G550 4×4

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Mercedes Benz G550 4x4


“Goes where it wants to go, it’s true an untamed animal.”


JUST LOOK AT IT. It’s HUGE. At more than 7 feet wide you wonder how it fit onto our Dyno. It Kinda fit. But really, who cares?

The G Squared goes where it wants to go. the Mercedes Benz G500 4×4 Squared is one of the most awesome and preposterous vehicle most of the staff here at Solo Motorsports ever laid eyes on (we’ve seen AMG’s G63 6×6 up close and it’s quite boisterous in nature!).

The 4×4 Squared is indeed very closely related to AMG’s wicked pickup, and this particular example was dipped in a vat of retina-searing fluorescent paint (fyi the paint is named High Gloss Electric Beam). This GSquared  also belongs to an infamous ATLien. 

STG2-SMSTune Results
Stock: WTQ 385 - WHP 324
STG1: WTQ 494 - WHP 410
GAINS: WTq +109 / WHP +86

Mentionable FEATURES


The G500 4×4 Squared has eight dampers and eight springs. Here’s one key way the 4×4 Squared differs from not only the 6×6 but also all other G-wagens: Mercedes claims they learned this trick from “rally sport.” Sure, why not? All eight dampers are gas bypass struts.


Four liters, two turbos, eight pistons, 416hp, and 450 ft of tq. Modest, nope. 


For those who don’t know, a portal axle is an axle where instead of the two shafts going into the center of the wheel, they actually feed into the top of the wheel and are then geared to the hub.


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