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SMSTuned | Lamborghini Urus Performante

2023 Lamborghini Urus Performante: Faster, Meaner, But Still More German Than Italian

Lamborghinis are meant to be wild, exotic and aggressive. They’re not supposed to be practical or comfortable – or at least they weren’t until Lamborghini introduced The Urus.

Like the OG Urus the Performante is based on the Volkswagen Group MLB Evo platform which is shared with the Audi / Porsche and Volkswagen platform. Its engine is also not unique to the Urus, but the Audi-derived twin-turbo V8 is such a sweetheart that it’s easy to let this slide. The Performante has a retuned version of Audi’s eight-speed automatic transmission, too. The highlight of the powertrain is the Performante’s unique (and standard) titanium Akrapovic exhaust, which not only lets the engine breathe, but makes for an epic roar.

We’re not quite sure who this brutalist, based track-optimized, and incredibly quick Lambo SUV is built for, but we clearly know what it stands for: being capinle to go ungodly speeds without being caught by ATL’s finest enforcement section 😈

So we all know the Urus Performante is an absolute incredible machine that possesses stellar looks that are mated with rudeboy road manners. In many ways, it’s everything you’d want from a 657-hp ultra-SUV. But crucially, it needs some UMPH.
That’s where we step in. Our client came to us with their super elusive Blu Cepheus Performante to crank up the volume with our #RazTuned SMS-STG2 Tune
Alongside our STG2 tune we installed a set of custom SMS-Fab Custom Downpipes to let this baby roar!
SMS Gains- +130 WTQ / + 100WHP