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SMSTuned | Mike’s STG1-SMSTune Ferrari F430

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Gypsy Of the Tarmac: Mike’s Ferrari F430

The early 2000s was a great time for high-end exotic cars. Ferrari was producing beautiful sculptures of speed, while Schumacher’s Formula 1 domonation was building Ferrari fever.

I, as a child just like many others had die cast cars of Ferraris alongside other supercars daydreaming of the day when one of these super sexy cars would depreciate to the realm that I could possibly even afford a semi-practical exotic, shifting my daydreams to reality, but let’s be honest; it’s not gonna be a F430 anytime soon, because the value of these guys aint going anywhere south of 50,000.

These cars are in demand and value stays healthy all because Ferrari is innovative by definition, it’s equally honest that in the course of the Prancing Horse’s history, this particular model disputably made a huge impact.

The early 2000s was a great time for high-end sports cars, especially for the F430.

Every review I ever read of the car glowed with praise (and some not so much but they don’t know a masterpiece when they see one). The handling is fantastic.

This was the GodFather, the Don Corleone that started the now-cliche trope that the electronics actually helped the driving experience rather than detracted from it.

I think Jezza from Top Gear even called it the best car in the world, ever, and “would ever be, a divine presence, a distillation of all of man’s achievements into a single machine, or something like that.”

But enough chitchat, just enjoy our client Mike’s *meraviglioso* STG1-SMSTuned Ferrari.


When Boris tuned this beauty he paid careful attention to Mike’s desires for his car to handle better & have better top end RPM Pull.

Our custom SMSTune enhances performance through careful tuning of the fuel and timing tables.

All custom tunes that are preformed in our Dyno Lab give a very noticeable difference in the daily drivability & handling, leaving it’s owner with a grin across his face.

Alongside all the prestigious Ferrari engineering this thing is totally decked out with BEAUTIFULLY crafted @capristo_italia valved exhaust, sport cats, headers + a lovely Gruppe M carbon fiber intake 😍


Capristo Exhaust
Capristo Headers
Gruppe M Intake
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