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SMSTuned | Big Turbos STG3-SMS N54 BMW 335is



The BMW N54 Twin Turbo Inline 6 Engine is a glorious powerplant, but you need to make a couple of choice BMW N54 Mods to turn your 335i from a sedate cruiser into something a little more beastly. As tuner cars go, the BMW N54 responds incredibly well for modification gains for the N54 are often double what the same mod would yield on another car – with modded 335i’s often hot on the heels of the V8 E9X M3 one has to wonder if the N54 is the reason why the F80 M3 / F82 M4 boast a Turbo Six underhood. So with that in mind, our client went full balls to the wall with his Big Turbo Build

Tune Prep:
– forged pistons and rods
– ported head
– MMP1k turbos
– 2” inch inlets and 2 inch outlets
– ARM relocated air filter
– @VRSF 7.5 race intercooler
– @precisionraceworks coils
– gold spark plugs gaped to .02
– forward facing manifold with 750cc injectors
– @VRSF 3.5 full race exhaust
– stage 3.75 full e85 dual fuel pumps
– @precisionraceworks in tank regulator with complete fuel line
– custom oil catch cans
– metal pcv valve
– 3.5 bar map sensor

SMS-STG3 Results:
640 WTQ / 635 WHP