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SMSTuned: Track Missle BMW E46 M3



The idea that you need a Porsche Cayman or an exotic sports car to start tracking your car is false. Here’s why, a nicely sorted BMW e46 M3 in our opinion is the perfect candidate for the ideal track car!

Our Client Burak’s E46 is a perfect build combination of a track / circuit racing car that can perform exquisitely on any track you throw at it.

This M3 found itself at our Norcross location to be fine tuned by our very own Boki ( our notoriously brilliant tuner and mind behind our #SMSTune ) to dial this E46 in with Eventuri’s Evolve Alpha N Tune.

Bestowned under a Imola Red bonnet lies an engine that features Eventuri’s Evolve CSL Airbox, 6speed H design dropbox manual, Motion Control Suspension Remote-Resivior Damper set w/ camber plates, to keep things safe at all times it has set of Schroth Racing 4 point safety belts snugly secured in a set of Comp Elite HTE-R 400 Series seats onto of an ongoing list of upgrades & goodies!

After being fine tuned by Solo, Burak noted his track time had substantial gains: 7 mph faster & shaved off 1.6 seconds off his lap time! Records on the track like this coupled with the right tune, light weight body, and perfect engine of this gutted E46 racing car is a combination made to win!