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Solo Classic | Mercedes Benz 450SL

"THe Panzer"

Back in the 70s Mercedes was on their “A” game, there’s a reason why Bobby Ewing drove an R107 Mercedes SL, simply because it was the best of the best all the way from 1972 to 1989, thanks to a group of brilliant engineers working hard to come up with elegant solutions for difficult problems set by American politics.

A Mercedes built all the way up to the first E-Class (W124, 1984-1997) is a Mercedes that will outlast us all if properly maintained. this “grandpa” R107 SL-Class is a worthy contender for that title as well. Germans don’t give something a nickname like ‘Panzer’ for nothing.

This awesome lil’ 450SL is an ATL regular and came in just to say “Hello!” + for a windshield wiper replacement at our ATL shop, each time it rolls in our eyes are glued to the perfect paint on this well kept specimen!

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