Solo Highlight | Christian’s BMW M5 Competition

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Solo Highlight | Christian’s BMW M5 Competition


That’s right. The McLaren F1, that has 627 horsepower raging out of its naturally-aspirated BMW V12 has a challenger. This magnificent M5 ONLY has slightly fewer horsepower. In fact, just two horsepowers less.

This sledgehammer turbo BMW M5 is different, its special. BMW didn’t just turn up the turbos on a laptop and slap a “Competition” badge on this thing. They’ve done all sorts of little, nerdy awesome things to make it all the most a M5 can be.

These little tweaks enables the M5 to launch to 60 mph in only 3.3 seconds – 0.3 seconds fast than a regular M5, and just 0.2 seconds slower than the godlike McLaren F1. Normally, people don’t notice such a difference, but the discerning M5 owner, most certainly will. 

BMW left no stone unturned with this Competition package. Upgraded suspension, rear anti roll bar, 10% stiffer coils all around + to top it off: shorter auxiliary springs that fluctuate wheel loads, as does the unique tuning of the damper hydraulics.

Onto of all this awesomeness our great client Christian carved out his M5 out of his own personal tastes. This M5 is now equipped with a lovely rear diffuser, shifter paddles and a sexy front lip all from GW Carbon, and to top it all off this car here was one of the first F90 M5’s christened with an Sport Exhaust from IPE Exhausts