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Solo Q+A | Canned Tune Vs Flashed Tune


These two twins are getting the real sauce aka STG2-SMSTune Flash 🤩

But what is the difference of our flash tune vs a canned tune vs a DynoTune?

Questions like these often get interpreted in a million different ways, and you WILL get varying opinions and responses ranging from real tuning professionals to people who have zero to minimal tuning experience.

Flash tunes are honestly far more superior than a canned tune, but what’s the difference between those two?

Back in the day, the DME or “engine computer” had only an EEPROM “chip” that was often replaced with a reprogrammed version in order to tune the car.

In today’s times this “chip” is not removable in newer vehicles but instead “flashed” through the system, replacing the data on the internal non-removeabke chip, or what we call the processor. Other ECU’s have external flash memory which doesn’t apply here.

Newer cars’ still possess the EEPROM chip but it’s much more practical to just install a “flash” tune.

Here at solo our flash tunes are essentially “chipping” without the need for physically removing or replacing anything on the ECU itself while achieving most the desirable traits a DynoTune can offer.

Flash, Chip, Piggyback or Custom Dyno tune we do it all at SoloMotorsports! 🏎🏁🙌🏽

At the end of the day, talk to a Solo-Certified advisor to learn more about what goes into our Tunes! You will gain more knowledge, and become more confident in choosing the right path for your goals and intended application.

Good Luck!