No need to be Gridlock’d!

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No need to be Gridlock’d!

Yo what’s up fellow car enthusiasts & party goers!?! Ever been to an Atlanta United Game or watch the Dirty Birds lose a big lead 4th Q to a fumble? Have you ever Missed a crucial play because you decided to leave early to get a headstart over the busy rush after a big event? Well I’m no longer missing any key plays & I’m no longer stressing the insane gridlock & you can too. That’s because.. your friends at SoloMotorsports have it all covered. We have a NEW parking solution! Whether it’s a Monday Night

Football game or an Atlanta United Soccer match (Technically that’s Futbol too) here’s the awesome new SOLUTION to beat that hectic arena Traffic.

 SOLOMOTORSPORTS’ Newest Metro Atlanta location is located conveniently just 3 short minutes away via walking distance from the Mercedes Benz Stadium.

The large & clean parking facilities at our new SOLOMOTORSPORTS location is safe & secure. Monitored 24-7.


As demonstrated in the map above it’s a short brisk 3 minute walk away!

If you plan on visiting the Mercedes Benz Stadium it is recommended you arrive early, there are quite a few parking spots available but they do fill up fast. We do not accept reservations & Tickets are available ONLY AT THE PARKING LOT by the attendant staff. Prices vary depending on the event. 1st come 1st serve, call in advance recommended to see how full we are!

Our new Metro Atlanta Location Address:

252 Northside Dr SW Atlanta Ga 30313

Some Simple Etiquette and The Do’s & Don’ts of Parking:





Solomotorsports is a family run business and our customers are our family.

Zero Tolerance is enforced, no fighting on the premises. If Milton’s Audi RS4 is .6 seconds faster than your RS4 come to us and we can do something about that during business hours then you can show Milton who’s boss, but for now keep it friendly (and don’t tell Milton)

Please keep your children closeby & restrained at all times for safety. Traffic around the Stadium can get crazy.

We encourage all types of music just keep noise levels down at the premises, out of respect. Not everyone enjoys driving with loud music some enjoy a quiet ride with classical music or their daily dose of Sports Talk radio.

Trash bins are located throughout the premises so keep your litter contained, plus it’s good for the environment!

Zero Tolerance, this location is not a car show, a car meet or a place to find a street race. No burnouts, no street racing. If you have a fast car that’s wonderful show it don’t blow it. You can make reservations & have our European car experts fine tune your vehicle. Get race proven results on our Industry Leading Dyno.

Tail Gating & Grilling is welcomed & encouraged

“LEMME SEE YA GRILL.”- Everyone’s Dad & Nelly.



Please bring a SAFE grill, you are responsible for you own safety. An upto standard Fire Extinguisher is recommended when grilling outdoors. Use caution when igniting anything flammable.


Also please be mindful of others, and keep an eye on what you’re cooking. We don’t need any unwanted fires going on.


Both Propane & traditional charcoal are acceptable, sharing is encouraged. Meet & mingle with fellow car lovers.


If grilling isn’t your thing but you still want a bite to eat before or after the big game then check out for some delicious Caribean foods ( I personally recommend their Jerk Chicken but they have a great variety of dishes to choose from )


Open Containers are prohibited. Discretion is advised we are not responsible, try not to drink & drive it’s for your safety & ours.


In reality You can’t drink in public. There is lots of public safety officers around so use caution we are not responsible nor do we recommend drinking alcohol in public for many reasons, but hey if you’re over 21 & decide to sip that’s on you. Just don’t be seen drinking & driving,that’s a NO NO!



Now next time you want to go to the Big Game & are having second thoughts due to traffic you can still go & enjoy! You know exactly what to do & where to park!

Be Safe & go Rally for your favorite team! We look forward seeing you enjoying the festivities nearby & not worrying about getting stuck in traffic due the heavy stadium parking, especially during the Superbowl here in Atlanta!

We Are NOT responsible for any damage or theft to vehicles. Violators will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.