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Ferrari F430

ENzo Ferrari

“Race cars are neither beautiful nor ugly. They become beautiful when they win.”


Not all super cars are created equally

New Order:

The 4.3L V8 was a first in class, clean sheet design for Ferrari, breaking legacy & compromise of a 40 year old tradition.

The F430 is extremely desired by Ferrari enthusiasts. Improving horsepower, throttle response, and overall driveability is what an SMSTune did for this Ferrari. Solo MotorSports’ long history of tuning some of south-east’s fastest Exotics & European for on & off track use has lead Mike to choose our shop. This particular tune was engineered by Boris with careful attention to Mike’s desires for his car to handle better & have better top end RPM Pull. This tune enhanced the Ferrari’s performance through careful tuning of the fuel and timing tables. All SMSTunes are done to safely tweak your cars power to the next level. This particular application had a very noticeable difference in the daily drivability & handling, leaving it’s owner with a smile on his face. 

STG2-SMSTune Results



Capristo Racing Exhaust

This F430 racing system is extremely lightweight at just only 14kg (11PS) and features a Step 3 exhaust sound without exhaust valves. 

Fabspeed Headers (& Heat Blanket)

Increases horsepower and torque by 23 whp and 48 ft-lbs – Direct replacement/upgrade for the failure-prone factory headers; lighter, higher flowing, and more durable for increased performance and longevity

GruppeM Carbon Fibre Intake

The result is a tremendous improvement in horsepower and torque throughout the entire powerband of the engine by utilizing the “ram air effect” which forces a greater volume of air into the engine and increases the density of the intake charge.


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